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Welcome to an amazing online interactive site for magicians where anyone from a beginner to a pro can learn free magic, watch cool videos and get all their latest magic news! Be sure to sign-up and join our MSX INSIDER and start your free magic training today!                 -Team MSX  


If you’ve been enjoying our free magic training series then you’ll love our video products which have been filmed, edited and mastered in high-definition. You’ll get never before seen footage along with step-by-step instructions on how to amaze your friends! So what are you waiting for? Shop now!


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We pride our-self on holding one of the largest video archives in magic. Whether you’re looking for a specific magic video or just wanna browse around! Our video library contains all the new and old, but if you can’t spot a specific video shoot us a quick email!  


We’re here for you and we aim to please. Have a question, concern or just wanna say hey? Shoot us a quick email in our contact page and we’ll get back to you in no time just like magic. But remember patience is a virtue and we will need at least 24 hrs. to respond.

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Join our ‘MSX INSIDER‘ and get FREE emails on how to perform magic tricks. Learn FREE Magic with step by step instructions right now!


Learn The Chinese Linking Rings

Learn The Chinese Linking Rings a classic of magic. Actor/Magician/Illusionist R.J. Cantu updates an old classic into a very quick and modern routine that is fantastic for the big stage or any parlor situation. Xtreme Links can be performed surrounded and holds lots of audience participation.


Criss Angel Trick Gone Wrong

Criss Angel” shocking “Magic Trick Gone Wrong” happened Friday night at the Luxor Hotel & Casino!


“Sleight” Movie

Sleight Movie (2017) is now in Theaters about a Superhero Street Magician (Jacob Latimore) forced to use his Magic to save his sister.”



Welcome To MSX

Welcome to (MSX)Magic Space Xtreme an amazing online interactive site for magicians where anyone from a beginner to a pro can learn FREE magic tricks, watch cool videos and get all their latest magic news!

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Sponge Ball Magic

Sponge Ball Magic is great to add to your close-up magic routine! They are easy to carry around and low at cost. Learn the magic you need to amaze your friends!

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Magic Space Xtreme is an online interactive site for magicians! Be sure to join our 'MSX Insider' to get FREE magic tricks today!
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