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Learn Levitation-How To Float Objects

Learn Levitation-How to Float Objects Learn Levitation-How to Float Objects The Levitator is great for Street Magic. You walk up to a complete stranger on the street, ask him or her for their credit card or I.D.  and right before their very eyes you begin to make THEIR object levitate! Reactions are incredible. The Levitator gimmick is already set up for another levitation. IMPORTANT: This is NOT a DVD. This is a digital download  Buy Now $9.99

Learn Sponge Ball Magic

Learn Sponge Ball Magic Sponge Ball Magic is great to add to your close-up magic routine! They are easy to carry around and low at co$t. In this MSX video actor/magician R.J. Cantu walks you through all the simple and advance moves that must be learned in order to perform Sponge Ball Magic effects including Retention Vanish, Misdirection, French Drop, working with Flash Paper, Full Routine and much more. IMPORTANT: This is NOT a DVD. This is a digital download that you receive instantly after purchase that goes directly onto your desktop computer.   Buy Now $9.99  

Free Magic Tricks

Welcome to Magic Space Xtreme ! Learn FREE Magic Tricks Learn FREE Magic Today! Welcome to (MSX)Magic Space Xtreme an amazing online interactive site for magicians where anyone from a beginner to a pro can learn FREE magic tricks, watch cool videos and get all their latest magic news! Be sure to sign-up and join our MSX INSIDER and start your FREE magic tricks training series today!  

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Learn Levitation-How To Float Objects Learn Sponge Ball Magic Free Magic Tricks

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